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Cornelius News

Auto zone in high gear for Monday town meeting

Sept. 20. Cornelius commissioners are expected to consider adopting an “automobile sales district overlay”  on Statesville Road/Highway 21 north of Westmoreland Road at Monday night’s Town Board meeting. This area already includes a Nissan dealership and several other automobile oriented uses.

The intent is to allow through conditional zoning, automobile, truck, motorcycle, boat and recreational vehicle (RV) sales in this area, which is not designed for pedestrian oriented mixed uses. Three acres will be the minimum size for automobile sales projects/uses.

The addition was recommended by the town’s Land Development Code Advisory Board and Planning Board, according to Planning Director Wayne Herron. “The overlay will apply to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles (RV), which may now be considered in this specific overlay area, in addition to all of the uses normally allowed in the Highway Commercial zoning district.”

The town’s new mini-museum will also be open for tours. The meeting will commence at 7 pm, at Town Hall on Catawba Avenue.