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Atrium medical complex could jump-start I-77 ‘flyover’

Aug. 19 By Dave Vieser. UPDATED 2 pm. The planned Atrium hospital and medical complex between Hwy. 21 and I-77 south of Westmoreland may speed up a new east/west “flyover” which will traverse I-77.

The Bailey Road flyover would run from Hwy. 21 over I-77 to the yet-to-be-built Northcross Road extension west of the interstate.

With continued congestion on our two east/west roads—Westmoreland and Catawba—a third crossing would relieve some of the traffic.

To learn more about a flyover vs. a bridge, click here.

A fly in the ointment?

The NCDOT, however, has lowered the priority ranking for the project, pushing construction out to 2032.

Nevertheless, Deputy Town Manager Wayne Herron said he is hopeful that the timetable can be moved up.

Atrium Hospital in Cornelius

“What Atrium brings to the table is this: When you have a firm willing to fund some road improvements, it could move the DOT score up and help expedite any project near their development,” Herron told Cornelius Today.

NCDOT plans call for the flyover to be two lanes with a multi-use path.

Mayor is optimistic

UPDATE: Mayor Woody Washam said he remain very optimistic that the Bailey Road flyover as well as the Exit 27 interchange will move up on the NCDOT list of priorities.


“Frequent support and conversations with NCDOT by me and staff are under way as well as Atrium officials to generate needed attention to these important projects. Also, Commissioner Miltich is working hard through his role as Chairman of CRTPO to support moving this up on the state list of road funding priorities,” Washam said.