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Arts Center meeting Monday at Town Hall

Jan. 29. An important joint planning session takes place Monday evening in Cornelius Town Hall when the PARC Commission, Planning Board, Architectural Review Board, Historic Preservation Committee and Land Development Code Advisory Board meet to discuss the Arts Center planned in downtown Cornelius. Town officials say planning Cornelius’ future Arts Center/Arts District is one of the most important efforts the town will ever undertake.

“Beyond its prominent geographic location in our Town Center, the community and cultural influence of this facility will be felt across all of Cornelius and regionally too,” said Assistant Town Manager Andrew Grant. “Appropriate planning for the center and district requires the knowledge and expertise of various disciplines. Convening the various boards and committees at one time will allow for a great dialogue and exchange that could never be achieved individually.”

At least one downtown business owner has concerns. Burke Eggleton, who owns the building which houses the Brand Name Consignment Shop, says there’s not enough parking planned for retailers in the downtown area, especially for businesses like his that do not have on-site parking.

“The town should have bought the Cherry House so they could use that for parking. I’ve put lots of money into my building and I would hope the town will remember the needs of the business people too in their planning session.”

The joint meeting will begin at 6:30 pm in the Cornelius Town Hall Community Room, located at 21445 Catawba Avenue.

Development of a town arts center and district was authorized by town voters in 2013 when they approved a $20.4 million bond package that included $4 million for town center redevelopment, including a community arts center.