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Area behind Summit Coffee, Pickled Peach getting a makeover

March 4. That sweet community gathering area behind Summit Coffee and The Pickled Peach in Davidson is getting a makeover. The playground will be moved and improved, brick walkways will be expanded, and water hydrants will be installed for use by the Davidson Farmers Market.

During construction the Davidson Farmer’s Market will move down into the Jackson Street parking area. Phase One of construction will take about two months, according to Mayor Rusty Knox.

“I’m excited for what this means to all of our residents, downtown merchants and visitors to town and our popular farmer’s market,” Knox said.

Fencing is up now, so shoppers will negotiate the once-familiar terrain a little differently this Saturday.

More may happen, including a pergola.

The Town of Davidson officially breaks ground for the Downtown Gathering Space with a virtual event Tuesday, March 9 at 1 pm.

Funding comes from the 2017 General Obligation Bonds for Parks and a Main Street Grant from the State of North Carolina.

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