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April 17 last day to file an informal appeal of property assessment

April 17. The median increase for residential property values in Mecklenburg County was 43 percent, while the median increase for commercial property was 77 percent, according to the Assessor’s Office.

If your property valuation looks too high, you can appeal, but today is the last day to file informally.

There’s no cost to do so, and you don’t need a lawyer. Of course, lowering the value of your property will reduce your potential tax bill.

An Informal Review allows a property owner and assessor to review the notification together and correct any errors without having to file a Formal Appeal. An Informal Review can result in a change of value.

Instructions to request an Informal Review are on the assessment notice, or owners can visit Reval.MeckNC.gov, look up their property, and click on the “Informal Review” button to file the request.

—A Formal Appeal is reviewed by the Board of Equalization and Review (BER), a board of citizen volunteers that hears appeals on assessed values and determines if any changes are warranted. Appeal forms are available at the County Assessor’s office and online at Reval.MeckNC.gov. The final day to file a Formal Appeal is June 9. The Board of Equalization and Review will meet beginning April 24 until all Formal Appeals are addressed.