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Afghan family of six will start a new life in Cornelius

Video still from an Aug. 17 FOX 5 DC broadcast

Aug. 20. By Dave Yochum. Cornelius is rallying behind an Afghan family of six that has been evacuated from Kabul by the US State Dept. They will move into an apartment in Cornelius next week.

The family includes an interpreter—a 37-year-old father—who assisted US forces and the CIA.

Meredith Romley organized a GoFundMe account for the family along with her twin 12-year-old daughters. The Afghan family coming to Cornelius includes a mom and three boys and a girl ages 3-9.


David Romley, now a consultant for the defense and aerospace industry, served 21 years in the US Marine Corps. His unit was one of the first into Afghanistan after 9/11.

He said he had the “enormous benefit” of serving alongside Afghan interpreters as the Marines flushed out the Taliban in Kandahr during the beginning of the war in November of 2001.

‘Solemn obligation’

The Romley family

“We have a solemn obligation to take care of those who supported us,” David Romley said.

The Taliban ruled and terrorized Afghanistan’s people from 1996 to 2001, before the US and our allies toppled the regime for its harboring of Al-Qaeda.

Starting over

The Afghan family arrived in the US with very little.

The GoFundMe page  has items ranging from kids’ backpacks, games and clothes to curtains, food and furniture. At 11:30 am there were still needs for things like a living room rug, a sewing machine and a toy box. Cash donations are welcome.

Volunteer opportunities include help with assimilating and transportation.

The refugee family will move into Cornelius on Monday.