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Ada Jenkins needs toiletries to fill shelves

The Ada Jenkins Center said the need for food and other items is increasing.

“We wish we had better news to start the month of May, but the numbers tell the story: more people in our area need access to food than we could have anticipated,” according to a new release.

“During the month of March, we saw a 57 percent increase in the number of client households that visited the Ada Jenkins Center food pantry (70 households in February; 110 in March).

“Right now, the toiletries section of our pantry is nearly bare.”

Clients need:



–Shampoo (full size)

–Deodorant (full size)

–Toilet tissue

The center has an  Amazon wishlist for other items clients need. 

Food pantry volunteers are onsite 9:30-11:30 am Tuesday-Thursday to accept donations at the food pantry entrance at the back of the center’s building, 212 Gamble St., Davidson.


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