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Accident at Jetton and W. Catawba injures cyclist

Bike accident on Jetton at W Catawba Sept. 19

Sept. 19. [Update Sept. 20] The intersection of Jetton and West Catawba was partially closed around 3:30 pm after a cyclist and pick-up truck collided. Eye-witnesses said the cyclist was badly injured.

They said he was traveling from the north side of Jetton, where the Wells Fargo branch is, to the south side. His bike remained in the intersection as police conducted an investigation.

There’s no word on his condition but he was taken by ambulance to CMC Main in Charlotte.

New: Police say the driver of the motor vehicle will not be charged.

There were more than eight police cars on the scene with officers directing traffic away from the intersection, which was busy with late afternoon traffic.

Only a couple of blocks away “sharrows” painted on the Jetton pavement invite cyclists and motorists to share the road.

—Dave Yochum