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A little surprise in the weekend weather report

Weekend weather: Cold as a ________?

Jan 19. Friday is almost balmy compared to Saturday, when the National Weather Service says the high will only be 32-33 degrees.

Oh, the right answer to the question is “Saturday afternoon in Sitka, Alaska, if not colder.” Indeed, it will be 36 degrees in Sitka this Saturday afternoon. Imagine that, it’s warmer in Alaska.

But, back to our weather.

Friday: Mostly sunny and quite breezy, high near 47. Overnight low around 20.

Saturday: Sunny and breezy, high near 33. Overnight low around 17.

Sunday: Sunny, high near 40 Overnight low around 22.

Monday: Sunny, high near 47. Overnight low around 31.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, high near 52. Overnight low around 42.

Wednesday: 40 percent chance of showers, high near 58.

We had a little fun with the weather report but we’re well aware that it’s dangerously cold for many. Check in on friends and pets.