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A Little bit of normal, a fair amount of angst

Rick Little selling bouquets Sunday in Birkdale

March 22. By Dave Yochum. As of ​4 pm Saturday, there were 246 positive cases in NC. That’s an increase of 109 cases from yesterday—a nearly 80​ percent​ increase in one day.

​Grocers are saying you don’t need to hoard food. ​”​Just shop when you need to and try and keep your distance from folks​,” says NC Sen. Jeff Jackson.

​There was a little bit of normal Saturday: Flower grower Rick Little of Statesville​ set up his stand on the circle in Birkdale Village. He came back today, but the weather isn’t quite the same: 30 percent chance of rain, mainly after 5. Cloudy, with a high near 54, similar tomorrow.

It’s quiet out there. 

​”​With the continued moves to shut-down/reduce travel, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, etc., we likely are not yet at our peak of restrictions​,” said financial advisor Joshua Dobi of North Main Financial Group in Cornelius.​

Joshua Dobi

Birkdale Village is largely closed, but the maintenance crew repeatedly disinfected metal benches, waste receptacles and railings Saturday morning. ​ An employee who was loading her car​ up​ said B. Good in Birkdale is closed for 60 days.​ There’s no answer at the phone number listed on Google.

Self-serve food bars are shut down at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods. Roosters in ​M​agnolia ​P​laza is closed.​ There are too many to list.​ Of course, countless restaurants are open for take-out/curbside service; there are also too many to list.​

​But local i​nsurance executive​s​—on the risk assessment side of the industry—say business owners, especially restaurants, are checking in around business interruption coverage. Pandemics are not covered. It looks like there could be liability around the spread of COVID-19 on premises. The latter is a serious concern, prompting restaurant owners to seriously consider closing.

​Harris Teeter had a fresh shipment of bathroom tissue overnight.​

HT was doing a brisk business at 7 am, with customers loading up on tissue, but it was sold out sometime before noon. Publix had a good supply of meat this morning, but no ground beef. An octogenarian resident of the Glens at Birkdale Commons bought the last chub yesterday afternoon. Publix will be open from 7 am to 8 am Tuesdays and Wednesdays for seniors, who are believed to be most susceptible to COVID-19.

Beginning March 22, Best Buy is closed to in-store shopping. You can order online and pick up your purchase with “contactless curbside service.” If you didn’t order ahead and the product is in stock in the store, an employees will get it while you remain in your car.

Child care facilities are now considered an extension of ​the​ health care system so ​​front-line workers can continue showing up to work. ​About half of our state’s child care centers have voluntarily closed​, Jackson said.​ ​Meanwhile Gov. Roy Cooper waived restrictions to increase access to caregivers to provide flexible child care and elder care during the coronavirus emergency. The Order provides flexibility to local health departments working to adapt to the increased need for their resources.

​You can talk live with an Atrium Health healthcare professional to answer your questions, 24 hours​ a day​, ​seven​ days a week.​

Call 704-468-8888. There is a  Symptom Checker Chart​ here. If you have symptoms, you could have allergies or a just common cold.

Love Lake Norman is collecting non-perishable food today between 3 pm and 4 pm at the Oak Street Mill. This will go to directly to the Neighborhood CARE Center tomorrow. The Center will be open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Founded by members of Grace Covenant, the center is at 19711 Smith Circle in Cornnelius