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A Lawn Divided


The old saying “politics makes strange bedfellows” might be true in the case of Dee and Dave Gilroy.

While both are ardent anti-toll activists, Dee has come out for Jane Campbell, the unaffiliated, mostly Democratic candidate for NC House District 98.

Husband Dave, a staunch conservative on the Cornelius Town Board, is solidly in the John Bradford camp. Bradford, of course, is the Republican incumbent seeking his second term.

Their lawn near the end of Torrence Chapel Road has signs for each candidate—as far as possible from each other, on each front corner of the lot.

Dave says this: “I strongly urge everyone to come out to support John Bradford in his effort to get re-elected to the State House.”

Dee says this: “I think its time that we clean up this House and get in former Navy Captain Jane Campbell to fight for us!! Travis lobbied against HB 954 and he gave Bradford money in 2016!” Dee is a Spanish professor at UNC-Charlotte.

Dave was anti-toll before it was cool, coming out against the I-77 toll plan along with Kurt Naas, founder of the Widen I-77 anti-toll group and a resident of The Peninsula, nearly as soon as it was proposed.

Bradford, who was on the Cornelius Town Commission, actually voted to move the toll plan forward when the NCDOT did its best to make it appear to be the only option to add new lanes to the clogged freeway between Lake Norman and Charlotte.

Dave sums up the NCDOT obfuscation around the toll lanes this way: “While the NCDOT misled and manipulated most of our local elected officials and even the LKN Chamber of Commerce several years ago, John has since rallied more than any other single public official to recognize the Tolls project for what it is, a colossal mistake, and has shown extraordinary leadership in getting the cancellation bill through the NC House against all odds.”

BTW, the “politics makes strange bedfellows” quote comes from Charles Dudley Warner, a 19th century American writer. He also said this: “What small potatoes we all are.”