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9 graduate from Cornelius Police Citizens Academy

Class of 2022 at the firearms range: Left to right: Robert Ashbaugh, Sgt. Figaro (firearms instructor), Liza Natal, John Dunne, Glenn Cusick, Paul Turbedsky, Bill Litzenberger, Thomas Gillan. Not shown: Forest Staples, Shara St. Denis.

Nov. 20. The Cornelius Police Department graduated nine members of the Citizens Academy Class of 2022 this past week.


The academy is a 12-week program to introduce participating citizens to the techniques, issues, and operations employed by the department.

Meeting one evening each week, the citizen-students were introduced to a wide spectrum of law enforcement subjects, including the procedures and legal rules governing arrests, vehicle stops, and criminal investigations.


They saw first-hand the vehicles, patrol boats, communications center, booking and interrogation facilities, and firearms that constitute the daily tools of police work. The students fired the police weapons, and practiced vehicle stop scenarios and some arrest techniques.

Special plaque

The appreciation of the Class is summed up and expressed in the plaque it presented to the Cornelius Police Department at graduation:

“We express our deep appreciation for the opportunity to learn and personally experience the breadth of service, protection, and judgment you provide to Cornelius every day. You guard us, you defend us, you befriend us, you uphold us. We laud your service and your daily valor.”