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World-class bronze of Mark Twain placed in front of Cornelius Library


Jan. 22 A lifesize bronze of Mark Twain by noted Cornelius sculptor Jon Hair has been placed in front of the Cornelius Public Library. Hair, whose nationally renowned studio is located in industrial warehouse space on Treynorth Drive, says it is “one of the best likenesses ever created of this great American Literary figure.

Twain is reading a copy of “Huckleberry Finn” and is sitting on a high-quality steel and cast iron bench. The town paid $18,000 for the piece, which a member of the town staff said was considerably less than the value. Hair could not be reached for comment.

While a number of town officials were unaware of the actual installation today, they are turning to outdoor art as a means of “place-making” to generate more interest in Cornelius as a place to live, work and play.

Hair, who lives on Norman Colony Road, began his career as a sculptor in 2000. He has completed more than 80 major public art commissions, including works for the US Olympic Committee, the US Air Force Academy, the city of Beijing and Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. He has won eight national/international competitions in the last five years including the University of Cincinnati and NC State University.