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Davidson tries to provide easier access for downtown parking

Sept. 27. Davidson is taking steps to provide easier access to parking options for shops and restaurants downtown.

Parking management was an issue identified by the recent Downtown Small Area Plan process as needing improvement.

Returning to pre-COVID enforcement levels and the proper use of designated 2-hour parking areas will ensure turnover of parked vehicles and help allow more residents and visitors to access places of business downtown.

Based on a parking study conducted in the spring of 2017, there are ample parking spots available if drivers are willing to park a block away from town and walk to the destination.

The town leadership encourages motorists to park at the Davidson Presbyterian Church parking lot located at 214 Depot St. for free all-day parking, Monday-Friday. Davidson leases the parking lot of 31 spaces for this purpose.

View a map showing 2-hour parking spaces, as well as unrestricted parking spaces, online.

Courtesy violation notices will be placed on vehicles from now until Friday, Sept. 30, and citations will be issued beginning on Saturday, Oct.1 for parking in a designated 2-hour parking space for longer than 2 hours.

The town has hired Blake Jordan as its Code Compliance Officer to help with this process. As the town continues its search for creative parking solutions, one of Jordan’s responsibilities will be the enforcement of 2-hour parking in designated areas.

The Davidson Public Works department has also been repainting and numbering the 2-hour restricted parking spots so drivers can clearly see where parking is limited to 2 hours. The town is working on additional signage, parking acquisition and technology improvements to help with our overall parking management.