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Hearing Monday on Alexander Farm changes

Alexander Farm property at Westmoreland and Catawba

June 23. By Dave Vieser. A public hearing on the proposed $110 million Alexander Farm mixed-use development at Westmoreland and West Catawba has been scheduled for this Monday June 29, at 6:30 pm, at Cornelius Town Hall. The hearing will be conducted by the Planning Board under social distancing regulations.

“We will operate in a similar nature to the last in-person Town Board meeting, allowing only persons interested in a particular case in the assembly room as we move through agenda items,” said Planning Director Aaron Tucker.

These arrangements did not sit well with some of the town commissioners who noted the intense community interest in this major project.

“These type of arrangements simply don’t work for observers or those wishing to participate outside of the group holding the session,” said Commissioner Jim Duke.

Commissioner Mike Miltich said he was unaware that the meeting had even been scheduled. Signs were only posted at the site Monday June 21. “I was actually thinking they might do another community meeting on the project”.


However Commissioner Tricia Sisson described the arrangements as “the safest way to allow for the public to speak in person.”

The alternative was a virtual meeting, and she said “that is less ideal than this type of situation.”

Proposal has been modified

Plans have been through significant changes since the original proposal.

The developer reduced the number of detached single-family homes to 77, as well as the eliminated age limits for buyers. There is also a likelihood that a pharmacy and food drive-through facility included in the original plan’s retail section will be dropped.

Eliminating the private home age limit opens up the buyers to more families with school-aged children—and more potential local traffic issues.

However, the required Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is currently under review by NCDOT. Traditionally the NCDOT reviews can take many months on a project this size so the Planning Board will be conducting the hearing without the benefit of their input on traffic related issues.

Previously, the developer had removed a convenience store/gas station from their plans after numerous community concerns were expressed about the need for yet another convenience store along the West Catawba corridor.

The developer has also agreed to donate land for a fire station.

The development still includes multi-story senior residences, as well as retail near West Catawba Avenue.