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21 more people died statewide from coronavirus

Using Johns Hopkins University’s data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of North Carolina’s new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day from May 4 through June 3. While it appears that North Carolina’s numbers of contraction are on the rise, it is important to note that anomalies may occur in North Carolina’s data reporting. The state’s average number of new daily cases since May 4 is 630 and its median is 539. Due to the obvious outliers on May 20, May 22 and May 29, which tend to skew the average, the median is a safer tool in describing the overall trend since May 4; however, the past seven-day average and median are significantly higher, both at 909. This may indicate data-reporting flaws or an upward trend in new cases.

June 4. By Dave Yochum. Key metrics that measure the spread of COVID-19 are still a mixed bag of some good trends, some not so good: Mecklenburg County deaths have surpassed 100.

Mecklenburg has seen a total of 4,842 coronavirus cases, an increase of 172 from yesterday, according to NC Dept. of Health & Human Services data posted at noon today. The number is cumulative since mid-March. To view the NCDHHS data directly, click here. (We use NCDHHS data for our daily reports.)

Of course some of the increase has to do with sharply increased testing statewide, but COVID-19 deaths have climbed as well. The NCDHHS reports five new deaths from COVID-19, to 101 in Mecklenburg County alone as of today. Two-thirds of those who die from the coronavirus are over 65 years of age. Nineteen deaths have occurred at Autumn Care in Cornelius since the outbreak began in March.

Statewide, 21 more people died of COVID-19, for a total of 960, according to NCDHHS data.

The state’s trajectory of lab-confirmed cases continues to increase: NCDHHS reports 31,966 cases statewide, up 1,189 from yesterday. Johns Hopkins University reports 1.86 million cases in the United States, with 107,281 deaths as of noon today. Click here to view Johns Hopkins COVID-19 data worldwide.

While more testing is happening, this data also shows there is more viral spread in our communities, according to Dr. Mandy Cohen, NC Secretary of Health. The trajectory in percent of tests returning positive is running 8 percent or 9 percent—there is some debate about methodology—while the trajectory of hospitalizations has increased slightly since entering Phase 2.

Total hospitalizations reported today by NCDHHS fell to 659, down from 684 yesterday and 716 on Tuesday, an all-time high.

At least 31,966 people in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus while testing has climbed quickly from 375,192 a week ago to 468,302 reported today.

COVID-19 patients who have recovered statewide reached 18,860 as of Monday.

Data from Johns Hopkins (chart) suggests the state is averaging more than 900 daily cases over the last seven days.