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Jetton/Old Jetton intersection gets a fix later this month

Feb. 4. The ​treacherous intersection of Old Jetton Road and Jetton Road ​will get a fix, starting this month. ​The intersection has one of the highest accident rates in town.​ ​

In mid-February, the Town ​of Cornelius ​will add signage and pavement markings at the intersection directing drivers to make right-hand turns only.

​It means the risky left turn out of Old Jetton and onto Jetton toward West Catawba will be a thing of the past.

The Town of Cornelius will condemn a small portion of the property in front of the Harris Teeter to make a “porkchop turn” work. It’s so-named for the shape of the median that will physically prevent motorists from turning left. (It’s outlined in fuscia in the aerial view above,)

The median will also prevent drivers from crossing Jetton into the Peninsula Village shopping center​, home of Waterbean Coffee and Brooklyn South.

​In a press release, the town said d​rivers will have other alternatives for exiting the Jetton Village shopping center, including the intersection of Old Jetton Road and West Catawba Avenue.