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Important Dates

2022 BrightFire Music & Arts Festival is Saturday

Tuatha Dea will perform at the BrightFire Music & Arts Festival

April 26. Celebrate Beltane and enjoy an evening of music, dance and more on Saturday at Rural Hill in Huntersville.

Historically, Beltane marked the end of a life-threatening period of darkness (winter) and the beginning of summer with renewed life.

The event runs 4-10 pm Saturday, April 30. For tickets click here.

There will be new local art and craftsmanship at the Night Market; grab a bite to eat at one of the food trucks. 

Relax in the Midnight Mulligan beer garden, make a flower crown, learn how to dance around the maypole, play games in the field while listening to concerts. 

Rendezvous at the fairy village for a tea party, for kids and adults.

Historic Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville.