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Pre-Flo: Duke Energy actively drawing down lake levels

Current Storm Path at 2:20pm

Sept.14. By Dave Yochum. From the truly precautionary to the dramatic, we’re preparing in earnest for Hurricane Florence as it draws closer to Charlotte and Cornelius.

​Duke Energy has “aggressively moved water” from ​Lake Norman​ southward through its chain of Catawba River reservoirs in​​ “​anticipation of this extremely large storm system​,” says spokeswoman Christine Pulley.

Duke weather experts are monitoring rain projections.

​”Keep in mind significant rainfall could lead to higher lake levels. While we can predict which lakes will get above full pond, we can’t predict how high the levels will reach until it begins to rain and we see the impacts on stream g​au​​ges and inflows to the river​,” Pulley says.

Robin Jackson is the manager at Great Clips Jetton Village

Cornelius Police are telling people to stay off the lake as well.

The big crane at Watermark condominiums behind Goodwill will stay up during the storm—all 275 tons of it. The tip will come down, however, same as every night.

At ​Great Clips in Jetton Village, they’re taking every precaution.

Store manager Robin Jackson says they will be putting up all the stock, like hair gels and coloring. Employee paperwork will be put in plastic.

But the really big job will be lifting up all the barber chairs in case of flooding. They’re shutting down at 3 pm today, and remaining closed on Saturday, normally a big day.

At the nearby Harris Teeter, there’s plenty of bread and water.