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Anti-bullying forum Wednesday night in Davidson


The Foundation for Respect Ability is holding a Back to School Forum at Davidson Town Hall on Bullying and Cyber bullying is Wednesday, from 4 pm to 6 pm

A panel of experts includes:

  • John Concelman, CMS Character Development Initiatives Specialist (Bullying and Character Development) John has extensive training in bully prevention and character development, and has worked closely with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in their efforts for local gang resistance.
  • Dana Jarrett has been the Principal of Davidson Elementary School since March 2012. Dana’s true passion lies with creating success for all students. “. Character development is the best tool to create the environment of care and respect and hopefully filter into the adult hood of our students.”
  • Sid Krupkin, Director of Education, Foundation for Respect Ability. Sid’s work in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools and other community schools encompasses issues related to bullying in its many forms and also opens opportunities for character education and community-building throughout the school environment
  • Lynn Hennighausen, President Davidson LifeLine. Lynn has years of experience developing and implementing health and wellness programming, most recently at Davidson College and Community School of Davidson. “We are in this together: kids, parents, schools, communities. Information is power. The more we know about bullying and cyberbullying, mental health challenges and concerns, typical vs atypical behavior, signs and symptoms, the more apt we are to recognize behaviors and help.”
  • Officer Philip Geiger, Davidson Police Department / FBI Charlotte Child Exploitation Task Force Member Officer Geiger has served as a police officer since 2009 and has been involved with the FBI Task Force since 2011. “I have taken an interest in assisting today’s youth through the mine field of social media and internet technologies. My focus has been to provide them with critical knowledge, tools and resources to keep them safe while exploring their transformation from childhood to adulthood.”

There is no cost to attend. Parents and community leaders are invited to participate in the discussion. To reserve your seat, contact Diane Benson at xbullying@gmail.com or call 704-438 9798