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Planning Board scratches chicken hotel​, egg plant

April 1. The Planning Board has ​delayed​ plans​ for the​ proposed ​215-room ​Bojangel’s Hotel​ on three acres​ in Kenton Place​.​​ An adjacent egg-production ​plant​ ​proposed by ​Winnie​’s Eggs LLC ​is also on hold until the outcome of the chicken-buffet hotel is determined.

Which comes first to Cornelius is anybody’s guess.​ The Planning Board ​i​s deadlocked 3-3 on wh​ether the Judd egg plant should—or can—be built before the big chicken hotel goes up.​​

​​Planning Board Chair Simon Bryant said Bojangel’s 14-story plan ​i​s not b​old​ enough.​ Architectural drawings for the egg facility were “all over the place,” he explained.

​”Three acres of land can support thousands of rooms,” he said, arguing that a ​40-story hotel makes more sense. ​The Bojangel’s hotel is actually a protot​ype concept with a chicken buffet 24-7 on every floor. The buffet, though, is apparently a logistics nightmare, according to Bojangel’s.

​A Bojangel’s spokesman said there’s a big difference between having fried buffets on 14 floors vs. ​40​ floors when ​chicken ​coops ​must be​ at ground level​ to satisfy top egg-layers​. “You can’t pullet​​out of thin air; you have to fry it in,” he said, explaining that drone technology cannot yet carry​ Bojangel’s trademark ​”chunky legs”​​ ​and fries ​more than 30 feet in the air.

​Business ​leaders were brooding about what looks like another lengthy incubation period for first-class overnight accommodations​, not to mention egg-laying​, in 28031. ​

Winnie Ruth Judd, the newly installed, newly ​dead ​chair—sadly—of the Cornelius Businessman’s and Businesswoman’s Merchants & Manufacturers Association​,​​ said​ she would give someone’s “arm and a leg” to get the Planning Board to ​go ahead with either project so the other could get under way ​soon thereafter​​​. ​She incorporated Winnie’s Eggs when she was appointed to the Planning Board ​last year.

She is—or was, at this point—developing the high-tech chicken coop and egg-laying facility on the western end of Robbins Park Park​, adjacent to the proposed hotel​ in Kenton Place.

Bryant mourned Judd’s untimely ​accidental beheading​. “She may ​have croaked ​and all, ​like in the weirdest ironic way, right? ​But her egg thing is scrambled​ and Bojangel’s ​plan is p​oultry​,” he said​.

​If you are interested in filling Judd’s unexpired term on the Planning Board​, call the town at 704-892-6031.