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Girl Scout Troop 2493 ‘pinning’ at Jetton Park

May 22. Cornelius-based Girl Scout Troop 2493 celebrated a Court of Award ceremony at Jetton Park on May 15,  after having to cancel a Formal Award ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Troop leaders Jenny Alexander and Carla Hord presented ceremony and awards to six girls who earned the prestigious Girl Scout Silver Award.

Ellis Enright of Cornelius, Charlotte Hord of Huntersville  and Nina Whiteside of Cornelius were honored for creating “Dear 8th Grader,” a monthly newsletter encouraging students by offering stress-relieving tips, that is distributed by the Bailey Middle School Bronco Times. Their work is  in cooperation with the Bailey Middle School Honor Society.

Gissella Flynn, Claire Alexander, Allura Baker Charlotte Hord, Nina Whiteside and Ellis Enright at their Court of Award in Jetton Park.

“You have faced the issue of stress head-on and worked to build resilience among peers,” the leaders said.

Honors also went to Claire Alexander, Allura Baker and Gissella Flynn, all Cornelius residents, for  creating a free community library placed on Charlotte Family Housing. The girls constructed and painted the library, and then stocked it with books and a supply of encouraging bookmarks.

“You have faced the issue of homelessness, declared that homeless children need access to literature, and that books can bring enjoyment in any situation,” the troop leaders noted.

Troop 2493 was formed in 2011.


Ellis Enright, Gissella Flynn, Nina Whiteside, Charlotte Hord, Allura Baker and Claire Alexander at their Court of Award in Jetton Park.


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